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What is Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology?

Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology is an established method of Specialized Kinesiology which uses muscle monitoring to identify and balance energetics stress in the different systems of the body. Created in 1991 by Philip Rafferty, this popular modality of Energy Kinesiology has fast, effective techniques which addresses the imbalances, mechanics, and psychology behind the human body.

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‘With both the Kinergetics® Kinesiology and RESET TMJ® series of workshops, we can rectify energetic imbalances that may contribute to serious illness in the future.’

Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology offers a wonderful opportunity as both a career choice and a therapeutic tool.

We invite you to join our client sessions, internationally accredited training programme and experience the wonders of these life changing modalities.

Kinergetics® Kinesiology Workshops​


Mentoring Sessions with Philip Rafferty

Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology is used to assist a range of health conditions such as:

Begin your life changing journey today with Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology.

Do you want to become a highly valued and recognised practitioner, help others regain balance and connection in their lives, while discovering your own self-awareness along the way?

Do you want to become a highly valued and recognised practitioner, help others improve their physical, nutritional, mental, and emotional energy while discovering your own self-awareness along the way?

If this resonates with you, then is it time to learn Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology?

Client testimonials

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‘I studied Kinergetics Kinesiology in Mumbai in 2019 with Philip and Germaine. Their approach to working with energy imbalances in the human body astonished me. As an osteopath, I have incorporated Kinergetics in my clinic and am getting deeper and quicker results.'

At Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology we guarantee you:

If you are looking to learn kinesiology, Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology addresses the entire energetic form as opposed to the symptoms of one issue or health condition.

The idea is that the body and the mind are connected and that the physical and emotional forms are individually affected when one or the other is out of sync. We work to treat the entire body as a means to correct energetic imbalances using a variety of treatments using western physiological science and traditional eastern medicine.

Combining the latest advancements in kinesiology by founder Philip Rafferty and our international representation at health and wellness conferences, we are consistently moving forward to provide excellent kinesiology training.

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