Many metabolic activities in the human body are dependent on magnesium. 60% of magnesium is contained in bone structures, with the remainder located in muscles, soft tissues, and fluids (including blood), as well as in fluids such as saliva. As many as 600 metabolic events in your body are controlled by it. These include energy production, protein synthesis and movement of the muscles. It is found in every cell of your body and is essential for its proper functioning.
Magnesium shortage is often misdiagnosed because blood magnesium concentrations do not represent the levels of magnesium inside cells.

I want to emphasise this important point- magnesium helps activate vitamin D, which regulates calcium and phosphate balance to impact bone formation and maintenance. Magnesium aids this process. The magnesium-dependent enzymes that metabolise vitamin D are all present in the human body.

Glucose, insulin, and the neurotransmitter dopamine are all controlled by magnesium, therefore a lack of it may lead to sugar cravings, particularly for sweets like chocolate.

One of magnesium’s roles in migraine pathophysiology is well-understood. Migraine is facilitated by deficiencies, which cause cortical spreading depression, change nociceptive processing and neurotransmitter release, and increase platelet hyperaggregation.

Leg tremors and cramps are symptoms of low magnesium. Seizures or convulsions may result in the worst-case scenario.

Adults with insulin resistance and a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes may benefit from supplementing their diets with more magnesium. In addition, insulin deprivation promotes insulin misregulation through regulating electrical activity and insulin production in pancreatic beta cells. To combat insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and carbohydrate addiction, supplementation is essential.

Wishing everyone a wonderful magnesium filled weekend!

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