Kinergetics Phase Angle Research And Information

What is Phase Angle?

Phase angle is based on total body resistance and reactance and is independent of height, weight and body fat. Lower phase angles appear to be consistent with either cell death or a breakdown of the cell membrane. Higher phase angles appear to be consistent with large quantities of intact cell membranes and body cell mass.

Why is Phase Angle Important?

Phase Angle is a predictor of outcome and indicates the course of disease, it increases as the result of optimal health based on good nutrition and consistent exercise. As we get older our phase angle will decrease and will be approximately 4 or less when we die. Fit adolescents may have a phase angle greater than 10. This effect is a result of cell integrity due to age. Low phase angles are consistent with: *Malnutrition *HIV/AIDS infection *Cancer (most types)

*Abusive life style *Chronic Alcoholism *Old Age (80 – 100)

Good fitness and life style is the key to maintaining a healthy phase angle.

Phase Angle Conclusion

Phase angle is a good indicator of disease progression although it is not used to diagnose a specific disease. It may be thought of as a thermometer with a broad range of normal. It may also be used to monitor the practice of good health which would include healthy diets, the use of nutritional supplements, and exercise.


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An electrical charge across the single cell membrane is a very powerful measure of your capacity to intracellularly hydrate, to get water inside of your cells ā€¦ I’ve never seen somebody coming in with a health complaint with a phase angle better than 7.” Zac Bush MD.

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