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As we see the corona virus pandemic increasingly affecting our day to day lives here in Australia and overseas, it is important that kinesiology practitioners and students, clinic operators and clinic owners are taking measures to minimise risk to themselves and the public.

Perhaps more importantly, the concern and uncertainty of the current climate is likely to be impacting you, your students and clients. Now is a good time to draw on your training and skills as a kinesiology practitioner, teacher or student. Our mental health is just as important to consider as our physical well-being.

Open the dialogue and talk to your friends, family, colleagues, and communities. Critically examine what is being reported in the media. Take the time to pause and listen to your intuition and consider getting a balance to support yourself.
We have provided you with information we have pulled together from credible sources to provide some simple measures on how you can protect yourself, your clients and your students over the coming months. We must all be vigilant in monitoring government resources to ensure that we are working with the most up to date advice by monitoring recommendations from the our Government Department of Health updates. Additionally, we recommends therapists ensure they are familiar with best practice standards around infection control.

We cannot, and will not direct members to close their business. It is the responsibility of each member to consider their clients, their vulnerability and own health, based on the information provided in the health updates and make an informed and educated decision on their own individual risk assessment. We will take guidance from respected global health organisations and medical advisors and in alignment with various government restrictions.
It is important to ensure detailed clinical record keeping is maintained, including informed consent and contraindications. While therapists have the right to refuse treatment for any clients who may be suffering an illness, keep in mind anti-discrimination laws. Hygiene and infection control is paramount. Ensure you are disinfecting all surfaces that may have come into contact with any virus, including objects you may not have considered in the past (e.g. doorknobs, buttons, sprays, books and other tools used in the session).

We hope you find the resources we have put together useful. But most importantly, we hope that you all remain safe and healthy through this challenging time.

Continued Good Health to you and your clients.

Kinergetics RESET ® Kinesiology.

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