Mentoring Sessions with Philip Rafferty

If you wish to become a leading Kinesiologist in your specialised branch of kinesiology, develop a thriving business, and secure a successful future then mentoring sessions with Philip is a program which is highly recommended.

Philip is an approved AKA, IASK and AIK mentor and assists kinesiologists in expanding their business with enthusiasm and competence.

Having amassed over forty years of kinesiology experience, Philipā€™s experience is passionate and enhances current practitioners in perfecting their tools and techniques

Philip Rafferty

The Need for Mentoring in Kinesiology:

Purpose of Mentoring:

These mentoring sessions are run online or in-person in Philipā€™s busy Kinesiology clinic so you can personally learn from him.

Philip Raffertyā€™s Mentoring Sessions are suitable for:

Recently qualified Practitioners ready to take the next step by combining various balances, learning tools, techniques, remedies, modalities and style of treating approach to suit your style of learning.

Especially suitable for those that have come directly out of a college environment who feel lost as to where to start and require practical hands on client and clinic experience and exposure, knowledge, support and guidance to take the next step to bridge everything together.

Experienced Kinesiology practitioners who are interested in expanding their business and seeking encouragement to do so.

Kinesiology students who have studied Kinesiology Diplomas and other courses and require requires refining the information and techniques in practical application and protocols for client sessions.

AIK or AKA Registered Kinesiologists requiring mentoring hours

Aims of Philip Rafferty mentoring sessions:

Overview of your current situation including areas you feel you may need improvement in and/or create the most stress for you when you are treating.

Examine your knowledge from your courses you have trained in and other techniques, skills and tools you have available that you use in your sessions.

Decide together what works and what needs to change, then delve more deeply into what process is going to be most effective for you and your clinic and practice.

Empower you to build and grow your authentic kinesiology business to be your sole income on a full-time basis where you are seen and recognised as an effective Kinesiologist.

ā€˜Kinesiologists need to be aware of the total body. We operate by frequency. We live in a world where all forms vibrate at certain frequencies. This includes the body and its parts. With Kinergetics RESETĀ® Kinesiology our philosophy is one of healing. We are delivering a frequency of specific energy to the human multi-dimensional systemā€™

Interested in mentoring sessions with Philip Rafferty?

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