Tawni Lawrence

”Hereā€™s the deal ā€“ itā€™s very simple. I love life and I love learning. I love sharing what I know with others and I show up for my life. Nothing brings me more joy than to empower my own life and teach others how to empower theirs. I love growth, experience, progression, and Iā€™m grateful for the tools, knowledge, and techniques Iā€™ve learned which bless my life daily.” Tawni Lawrence.

Would you like to relax; release stress; think more clearly; sleep better, have a better qualify of life ā€¦. then you may benefit from a KinergeticsĀ® Kinesiology and/or RESET TMJĀ® session with Tawni.

Qualified as an Instructor of KinergeticsĀ® Kinesiology Units 1-6Ā  and RESET TMJĀ® 1 & 2, Tawni provides cutting edge kinesiology techniques when balancing her clients for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Stress/Overwhelm and Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Read more about Tawni at www.enerkin.com



Nearest Location: Sandy, Utah, USA
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