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Kinergetics Unit 6

Trauma: Learn how to find and clear traumas that cause certain neurological imbalances from the core. When you come to the workshop you will learn a trauma correction that can change the way a client reacts to past trauma in minutes.

It is done in specific parts of the body, like in the Glomeruli in the Kidneys where trauma is stored. This workshop will teach you how to deal with the most difficult parts of TMJ correction. You’ll learn how to flush and balance blocked energy from trauma in this area, as well as jaw and muscular release positions.

Find out how to use the Flexor Halluces Longus Test/Alarm Points to find out if there are energetic traumas stored in this muscle. This will help you balance and test for these traumas. Learn about the “Alarm Points” in Chinese Medicine that deal with Trauma.

Bruce Lipton’s work shows that our cells and glands are linked to how we think. This is called “cells and glands protection.” Learn how to get rid of or balance problems that may have been caused by a Trauma.

Unique STICKS correction to access specific areas of trauma: Learn a purpose-designed STICKS correction that will allow you to get to parts of the kidneys, ligaments and survival system that are deepest in the body. You will also learn how to balance the body for these areas and the trauma they hold.

Comprehensive advanced methods for tapping into and releasing trauma that has been stored in the Kidneys, Body Systems, or in the TMJ are used in Corrections without Sticks.

Learn how to identify and release traumas that may have caused hyper-tonicity and hypo-tonicity in different parts of the muscle, as well as in other parts of the body’s physiology and subtle anatomy.

The mind/body records 52 thoughts every second, hormones are released, and then the body feels emotions. Access and balance the thoughts that were formed by a trauma so they can be released from the energy body/field. This is part of the correction.

You will learn how to work with extra chakras that may be out of alignment after a Trauma.

Additional Session Completion Checks: Learn more advanced affirmations to help the physical body stay strong and healthy after these deep trauma corrections.

  • Prerequisite: Units 1-5.
  • Practitioner Assessment: Written, Aural & Practical

Prior to the purchase of your selected workshop, it is essential to email info@kinergetics-reset.com to confirm the workshop is going ahead and that there are places available.

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19 - 20 Jan 2023


9:30 am - 6:00 pm


Email: info@kinergetics-reset.com for enrolment form and repeat fees.


Deloraine, Tasmania 7304

Location 2



  • Germaine Byrne
    Germaine Byrne
    Instructor of Units 1-6

    Germaine is a specialised Kinesiology Practitioner and Instructor, teaching Kinergetics RESET ® Kinesiology in Australia, US, India and across Europe.

    Having first experienced the incredible benefits of Kinesiology over 22 years ago, with life changing results, Germaine developed a passion about supporting and assisting others in their path to maintaining optimum health and wellbeing.

  • Philip Rafferty
    Philip Rafferty
    Founder & Director of Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology

    Philip Rafferty is the Creator and Author of Kinergetics Kinesiology and RESET modalities.
    Philip’s first experience with Kinesiology was in 1980 when he went into a Health Food Shop and experienced his first Muscle Testing, for food sensitivities. Philip was intrigued by the fact that placing of sugar next to his cheek could cause him not to be able to bold his Anterior Deltoid Muscle in contraction, no matter how hard he tried. He was also amazed that his body could show, when asked through the medium of Muscle Testing, that sugar affected it. He decided to find out more. This was the start of Philip Rafferty’s lifelong work with kinesiology.

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