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Kinergetics® RESET Practitioner Competency Exams

A day in the clinic as a Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology Practitioner never gets dull. There is always a variety of clients presenting with various issues.

All the courses delivered by Kinergetics RESET® cover a range of Kinesiology techniques that are uniquely created by the founder Philip Rafferty.

Our complete Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology Practitioner Certification is independent, Trademarked and Copyright to Philip Rafferty and The Kinergetics RESET® International Trust and is not connected with any association. Our Practitioners are  certified and registered through Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology.

Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology Practitioner

This is our recognised requirement to work as a registered practitioner that charges for client sessions in clinic.

  • Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity (BNT) Attendance Certificate
  • Master Class 1 Attendance Certificate
  • RESET TMJ® 1 & RESET TMJ® 2 Attendance Certificates
  • Units 1-6  (competency exams; written, aural & practical).

Exams are available in Deloraine, Tasmania for students wishing to become a licenced Practitioner. Email info@kinergetics-reset.com


07 - 25 Jan 2022


9:30 am - 6:00 pm


Email Germaine to arrange times/dates for your practitioner exams. Email: Info@kinergetics-reset.com


Deloraine, Tasmania 7304

To inquire please email us at admin@kinergetics-reset.com.

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