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Kinergetics Master Class 1

Kinergetics® Master Class 1

  • Philip Rafferty’s first in a two-part series of master classes that encompasses his research in kinesiology from 1996 – 2018. TMJ& Fascia trauma, Vitamins & Colour, ICV and TMJ, Spiritual Trauma, Hypertonic muscles, calcium overload, soul sabotages, victimization plus much more.
  • A comprehensive manual, kinesiology test kit, nutrition testing cards, learning aids and light refreshments are included in workshop investment.

*Attendance at Kinergetics Master Class 1 is a prerequisite for Practitioner Certification.

Prerequisites Units 1-6 and BNT.

Location: Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia.

Prior to the purchase of your selected workshop, it is essential to email admin@kinergetics-reset.com to confirm the workshop is going ahead and that there are places available.


23 - 24 Jan 2022


9:30 am - 6:00 pm


Email: info@kinergetics-reset.com for enrollment form and repeat fees.


Deloraine, Tasmania 7304


  • Germaine Byrne
    Germaine Byrne
    Instructor of Units 1-6

    units 1-6

  • Philip Rafferty
    Philip Rafferty
    Founder & Director of Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology

    Philip Rafferty is the Creator and Author of Kinergetics Kinesiology and RESET modalities.
    Philip’s first experience with Kinesiology was in 1980 when he went into a Health Food Shop and experienced his first Muscle Testing, for food sensitivities. Philip was intrigued by the fact that placing of sugar next to his cheek could cause him not to be able to bold his Anterior Deltoid Muscle in contraction, no matter how hard he tried. He was also amazed that his body could show, when asked through the medium of Muscle Testing, that sugar affected it. He decided to find out more. This was the start of Philip Rafferty’s lifelong work with kinesiology.

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