Kinergetics Unit 5


What’s covered in this unit?

  • Advanced Formats- Check dehydration caused by Anaesthetics, Vaccines, Drugs, etc.
  • Micro-organisms-pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites
  • Hydration Pathways- To dehydrate an area of the body the Hypothalamus sends messages to the Pituitary, then Adrenal Hormones. Follow the pathway to find the cause.
  • Brain Hydration Correction. Formatting into the brain
  • Deeper corrections for affirmation and beliefs.
  • Higher Chakra Balance- Check Higher Chakras for stresses that keep throwing out the physical structure.
  • Light Body Correction- Formatting in the Light Bodies and Chakras.
  • Light Body Safety Checks- Great for those working with energy and auric corrections on a daily basis.
  • Calcification of the Pineal Gland correction

Prerequisite: Units 1- 4
Investment: $500 AUD (including A5 learning aids & specialist unit 5 testing card)
Certified: 16 hours
Practitioner Assessment: Written, Aural & Practical

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