Kinergetics Unit 3


What’s covered in this unit?

  • Meridians & Muscles in Contraction and Extension
  • Jammed Muscle Circuits- Technically called over-facilitated. Ten times as important to correct as muscles that are ‘weak’. This is used in the Candida and Mercury balances.
  • Heavy Metals-Strengthen the body so it can better handle heavy metals.
  • Click here for heavy metal testimonials
  • Most common energetics reactive muscle patterns that cause upper body pain
  • Reactive Muscles – muscles that independently test balanced, but when tested in sequence the reactive muscle unlocks.
  • What are homoeopathic remedies
  • Heavy metal toxicity & corrections
  • Research on mercury corrections
  • Candida research & corrections
  • Working with Chronic Fatigue
  • Client Sessions- How to work with clients using Kinergetics Units 1-3.

Prerequisite: Unit 1 and Unit 2
Investment: $500 AUD (including A5 learning aids & homeopathic test vials
Certified: 16 hours
Practitioner Assessment: Written, Aural & Practical

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