Birgit Nielsen

‘I have worked with kinesiology since 2001 and I just love it. I have taken many different workshops but the best I ever learned is Kinergetics. I met Philip in 2014 and that changed my life. This was a new way to work with kinesiology – I had never seen anything like Kinergetics before. It was so easy and so fast to use and the results were amazing. This changed my way to work with kinesiology and I just love Kinergetics. I can’t imagine a day in my clinic without Kinergetics. It is the best tool ever.’ Birgit Nielsen, 2022.

Birgit’s enthusiasm and professional work with Kinergetics and RESET is a source of inspiration for all practitioners and instructors.  Known throughout Denmark for her expertise and dedication to her clients, Birgit’s skillset and knowledge is much sought after from clients of all ages.

Birgit Nielsen is a Senior Kinergetics RESET® Practitioner, Instructor of Kinergetics® Units 1-6, RESET TMJ ® 1 & 2 and is appointed Head Instructor Trainer.




Nearest Location: Espe, Ringe, Denmark
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